8 foot portable beer pong / flip cup table    table measures 8ft long x 2ft wide   Includes 4 Ping Pong Balls!

Beer pong rentals are perfect for: hosting a tournament, fraternity parties, block parties, tailgating, holiday festivities, birthday bashes, game night, work functions and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

The BPT X5 has 1122 total LEDs on it,At each end of the table you will see 10 pods. The 16oz/18oz cups that are used for beer pong are placed over top of these pods. Each pod contains 6 RGB LEDs and 1 infrared sensor . The infrared sensor will detect whether or not a cup is over top of the pod
In the center of the table  We are able to display scrolling text across it, watch a pong animation, display a sine wave, display the score of the game, etc


Air Baths
There is an air bath on each side of the table. The purpose of the air bathes are to blow any debris off of the ping pong balls, thus cleaning them. When a player drops a ball to their left into the “IN” hole of the air bath, it detects the ball and starts a fan. This fan will move the ball down a pipe, removing debris and blowing it out the “OUT” hole to the right of the player. The player then grabs the ball and the air bath shuts off. Players can also dunk the ping pong balls in a cup of water before putting them into the air bath to get a better clean

The built-in microphone can detect audio around it so the table can dance to different frequencies in the music around it.
(Sorry, cups and beer are not included in the price of the rental.)
Bring Your Own Drink!

Rental Price $350