Game suggestions to add to your bounce house fun.

Balloon Celebration

Grab a ton of balloons and throw them in the bounce house with the children. They can bounce with them and throw them around. Balloons will be flying around everywhere.

Red Light / Green Light

Yell green light and everyone bounces. Yell red light and everyone freezes. When they are frozen tell them; when I say green light everyone jump fast jump slow, bounce on your bottom, or bounce on your knees. Then say red light again and the ones that are not frozen are out and have to sit down. The last one standing is the winner. They can now be the one to say red light and green light.

Capture the flag

Everyone gets a handkerchief or piece of streamer about a foot long. Have them put it hang out of their back pocket. Then they will bounce around trying to collect everyone else's handkerchief/ streamer while protecting their own. When their handkerchief/ streamer has been pulled they are out and must sit down. The last person with their handkerchief/ streamer still in their pocket wins.

Animal Game

Call out an animal and everyone acts like that animal. Examples: Jump like a frog, Walk like a crab, Wiggle like a worm, and Hop like a bunny.

The possibilities are endless.