22' Anti Glare Touch Screen Black and White, Color, Sketch, Painting, Sepia and more print choices

Video recording of messages and video images!

Canon Digital DSLR Camera - the NEW CANON T5i 

Complete Customization

Green Screen and Video options!

Optical Quality Lenses

Road Tough Road Case Design - built to last!

Internal LED maintenance lighting so your not fumbling around in the dark.

Fully integrated CPU Unit Air Cooled - 1.8ghz dual core, 4 GB DDR ram, 500 GB hard Drive

Built in CD/DVD writer/burner

DNP RSX1 Thermal printer

WIFI built in

No loose cables or flimsy cheap laptops installed here - all wiring and circuitry is fully hard wired into the booth;

ONE switch and the booth boots up - everything starts at the flick of ONE switch only!

Dimensions of Booth:

• Height of each case is 36 inches
• Width of each case is 23 inches
• Depth of top case is 11 1/2 inches
• Depth of bottom case is 15 1/2 inches
• When you lock both together the become one case with tip wheels and measure height @ 36 inches, Width @ 23 inches and depth @ 27 inches
Weight of the Booth
• Top section 45 lbs
• Bottom Section 62 lbs

Rental Price contact 802 839 0149 for 3 hour party unlimited pictures
u get all pictures saved on a USB memory stick plus your prints

call 802 839 0149

email rick@realbounce.com