Preparation for Bounce House Turn off all sprinklers including under ground sprinklers.

Adult supervision of all children is required at all times. Bounce houses need an electrical source; generators are available for an extra charge.

Keep all unnecessary electric wires and cables away from bounce houses. Plan a spot in a grassy area away from your house meters. Remove toys, twigs, rocks and any animal droppings from this area. Provide water for thirsty bouncers to drink outside of bounce houses. Plan a food, drink and snack area a safe distance away from bounce houses. Items listed below are NOT allowed in the bounce house:

Shoes or footwear Sharp objects Glasses (sun or prescription) Party favors Jewelry (including watches) Gum, Candy, Food, or Drinks Absolutely No Silly String (Silly string contains chemicals that will eat threw vinyl)

Roughhousing or horseplay, climbing on walls, nets, or roof.

Playing near door or opening of the bounce house, and

running within 8ft. Of bounce house is NOT allowed at any time.

Recommended number of people in bounce house at any given time:

Ages 2 through 8________ 5 to 7 people

Ages 9 through 12_______2 to 5 people

Ages 13 and up______ 2 to 3 people

Group people together of compatible ages and sizes.

Do not group together people of different ages and sizes.

Do not exceed the rated capacity of the bounce house.

Delivery and Set Up

We will deliver and set up your bounce house and insure that it is clean and in good working condition well before your event starts and come back to take it down after the event is over.

The bounce house plugs into a standard 110 household outlet. We will supply the cord, and we ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet we are utilizing. Placement of the bounce house should be no more than 80ft from that outlet.

Rain or Wind

If it looks like rain or it is going to be to windy, you can cancel the bouncer without a charge. If you tell us to set up our equipment and it rains, snows or there is high wind you will be charged full price. When checking for room, please look for low hanging branches, power lines, overhangs, or bushes. We can also angle the unit to give us more room if we have to.

Please do not run the yard watering system the night before the event or the day of the event. Please pick up sticks, rocks and pet waste in yard where bouncer is to be placed. Please provide an adequate space for bouncers, Ask about the dimensions of the bouncer if you are not sure how much space is necessary. We will not set up the bounce house under or near any electrical or telephone wires. We will use 24 inch stakes to secure the bounce house. Rental company is not responsible for any damage to pipes and or buried cables. Do not unplug bounce house while in use or occupied. Do not move or UN-stake bounce house, unless you have made arrangements with Real bounce. If bounce house moves or shifts while in use have all occupants exit and push or pull bounce house back in to place on tarp.

If the bounce house begins to deflate check the following things:

First make sure all occupants exit the bounce house quickly and safely

Check all power connections; make sure nothing has come unplugged

Check fuses and circuit breakers in the house or building supplying power

Check to see if there is any debris blocking the vents on the blower

Check to make sure the air tube is tied securely to the blower

Check to see if the other air tube is closed securely (if applies)